New products
Autonomus Benthic Lander
Pressure stable battery cylinder
Camera and light
Current Meter Measurement
Manta net
Micro Plastic Particle Pump
Mini micro profilers
Plankton Nets
Plankton Pumps
Rosette and Racks
Sediment Samplers
Sediment Trap Station
Small Multi Water Sampler
Vacuum Filtration Station
Water Sampler
Museum Equipment

Other Products

Formaldehyde washout system
Pore water pressing and filtration units
Vacuum Filtration System 500ml/1 pc
Vacuum Filtration System 500ml/6 pcs
Tubular counting chamber (A)
Tubular counting chamber (B)
Sedgewick-rafter counting cell, 1 ml
Zoo counting chamber
Stainless steel sieves, stackable, 20 x 40 cm
Stainless steel sieves, stackable, 40 x 40 cm
Sorting tray
Surber sampler, 20 x 25 cm
Mini surber sampler, 14 x 14 cm
Plant Rake
Plant rake, acc. to Sigurd Olsen
Plant rake, acc. to Luther
Bottom scraper
Bottom racket
Measuring trays for electrofishing
Secchi disc
Flume for laboratory use
Haakanson cone apparatus