Sea flume.

Sea flume for max. 400 m depth. It's a device for in situ studies of threshold, erosion velocity and erosional behavior of undisturbed marine muds.

The sea flume has been packed with equipment and going down for testing.

Small water sampler, 3 x 50 ml, released by a burn-wire system

Sediment sampling by a simple Kajak system with contra-flap.

Adjustable brackets for various equipment, CCD camera, light, etc.

  • Manufactured from 4 mm aluminium, ALMg3 (UK Norm N5) seawater resistant.
  • A gear motor (with adjustable speed) is pulling 8 pcs of paddles at the inside of the chamber.
  • The inner side of the chamber wall has a window for the CCD camera and lamps.
  • The outer chamber wall has a horizontal ring to avoid the subsidence of the sea flume into the sea bed. The ring has room for lead weights to adjust the balance of the flume
  • The flume chamber is closed by a lid, divided in 4 sections, equipped with seals
  • Adjustable brackets for sub logger, camera and lamps,
  • Sediment sampler, based on the Kajak system
  • Multi water sampler, released by a burn wire system
Operational depth: Max. 400 m
Outer diameter: 200,8 cm
Inner diameter: 196,2 cm
Height 500 mm
Battery box, 2 pcs Lithium, capacity 280 Ah
The Sea Flume has been developed in cooperation with Kevin Black, Patrac Ltd, see below
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