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Manta trawl net


Manta Net

A manta trawl is a net system for sampling the surface of the ocean. The net it pulls is made of thin mesh, and the net is useful for collecting samples from the surface of the ocean, such as sampling of micro plastic.

23.440 - Manta net.
Front with support for flow meter (optional).

• Aperture size: 30 x 15 cm
• Length, excl. bridle: 250 cm
• Length, incl. bridle: 340 cm
• Manufactured from marine-grade aluminium
• Mesh size 300 µm; other sizes on request
•Support for mechanical flow meter 23.090 and 23.091
(requires bracket 23.440 B)
• Incl. sample cylinder 23.004
• Adjustable buoyancy to sample on the water surface
• Net bucket 23.021
• Weight: 4,5 kg (5,1 kg incl. flow meter)

Flow meter with bracket.
Bracket for the flow meter.
23.090 - Flow meter without back-run stop.
23.091 - Flow meter with back-run stop.