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Centre Hanger

Centre Hanger komplet

The 60.002 centre hanger is manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel, this is including the springs. For operating the 60.002 centre hanger the 60.004 drop messenger 800 g is needed; the centre hanger can be used for all KC Denmark Niskin water samplers ranging from 1,7 L to 12,0 L.

To view KC Denmark's Niskin water samplers, please click here: Niskin water sampler.

60.002 Centre Hanger for single Niskin water sampler, from 1,7 liters to 12 liters. Here seen with a Niskin water sampler 1,7 liters.
60.002 Centre hanger, seen without water sampler. The 60.004 drop messenger is not included in 60.002 and must be ordered separately.
60.004 Drop messenger 800 g used for operating 60.002. The drop messenger is not included in 60.002 and must be ordred separately.