Small Multi Water Sampler 12 pcs. Syringes 50ml

This is a new model multi water sampler with 12 pcs 50 ml syringes. The model can operate on 6000 meter depth.
Operating voltage is between 12 and 24 Volt DC. Every time the motor gets a pulse it will release one syringe. As option, a time lapsed trigger can be attached. The motor is pressure compensated for 6000 m depth.
The multi water sampler can be used on landers for taking samples from seabed or incubator chambers or placed on a ROV for taking samples over oil pipelines.

Outer diameter: Ø340 mm
Height: 300 mm
The syringes are made of nylon PA 6.6

Weight in air: 8,3 kg
Weight in water: 5,5 kg

This model is manufactured from 2 mm AISI 316 stainless steel, finish: Electro polish. The upper photo shows a painted version (custom made).

Programmable timer: (Optional)

For individual release of max. 99 water samplers. Can also be used for Niskin rosette rack, etc.
The delay between each sample is fully programmable at any value between 1 minute and 1080 hours. (45 days)

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Cables for multi water sampler

Battery box for 6000 m depth. 100.215/100.216. Shown with trigger system (optional)

caution.gif Do not use alcohol for cleaning acrylic parts

Description Ordering number
Multi-water sampler manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel. Room for 12 pcs 50 ml syringes (included). Programmable trigger can be mounted (optional). Standard delivery: Exclusive battery cylinder, cables and painting. 100.210
Time lapsed trigger for multiple water sampler 100.214
Battery cylinder with 12 Volt DC/5,2 Amp/h. Max. 6000 m depth. With room for mounting of time lapsed trigger system. 100.215
Battery box with 24 Volt DC/2,6 Amp/h. Max. 6000 m depth. With room for mounting of time lapsed trigger system. 100.216
Cable. Battery box to motor. Inclusive Subconn connectors, MCIL5M and MCIL5F. Length: 1,2 m 100.230
Cable. Battery box to battery charger. Inclusive 1 pc Subconn connector MCIL4M. 100.232
Spare parts
Syringe, 50 ml, minimum order: 12 pcs. 100.218
Springs, minimum order: 6 pcs. 100.219

Source: KC Denmark A/S