Integrated Water sampler


Collecting vertical water samples of 2 meters height.

Integrated water sampler, tube Ø40 mm x 100 cm, (polycarbonate), sample volume 2 litre.

Inclusive 10 metres of Ø5 mm polyester line, marked with figures each meter


The tubes are connected with a POM coupling device equipped with O-rings inside. The closing bung is made of AISI 316 stainless steel. The coupling device can also be secured by use of 2 extra O-rings

10.240 - Transport box for water samplers. Made from PE/HD (Polyethylene).

Ø12 x 116 cm (for model 10.200)

10.290 - Locking mechanism for the line

10.280 - On the bottom there is a ring where an additional weight of app. 1 kilo can be attached if used in streamy water

Description Ordering no.
Integrated, tubular water sampler, 2 litres, complete. Consists of 10.250 and 10.270 tube, 10 metres of line (marked with figures each meter), bottom bung and locking device for the line. weight 1,5 kg. 10.200
Transportbox for model 10.100 or 10.200. Made from PE/HD (Polyethylene), Ø12 x 116 cm, weight 1,4 kg. 10.240

Transportbox for model 10.300. Made in PE/HD (Polyethylene),

Spare parts
Tube for integrated water sampler, 100 cm. model A, 10.250
Tube for integrated water sampler, 100 cm, model C 10.270
Bottom bung with ring, AISI 316 stainless steel 10.280
Locking ring, PVC 10.290
O-rings for securing the coupling device, ø37,69 x ø3,53 mm 10.291
Polyester line, Ø5 mm, length 10 m, marked with figures each meter 17.399

Source: KC Denmark A/S