Niskin Water Sampler 1.7 to 12 litre

Niskin forside

Niskin Water Sampler:
The water sampler is fully made of PVC and its interior is totally free from metal parts. Top- and bottom plates are held together with a sea water resistant rubber string, and a drop messenger releases the closing mechanism.

The KC water sampler can be used singly (by use of 1 pc 60.002 Centre hanger for single ocean water sampler) or in series and closes correspondingly. The Niskin water bottles are also available in a special version, ( series) which can only be used with our Rosette and Racks system.

Drop messengers:
Standard delivery for Niskin water bottles is a 400 g drop messenger. If you want to use a centre hanger you must use an 800 g drop messenger, model 60.004.

60.002 Centre Hanger:
KC Centre hanger is used for deploying Niskin bottles for single use on a wire (Ø6 mm), our standard bottles ranging from 1,7 liters to 12 liters ( series) all able to be used on the centre hanger, to release the Niskin bottle an 800g drop messenger is used.

For more informaiton click: Centre Hanger

KC-Denmark also manufactures a large range of rack's as well as rosette stations for Niskin water samplers, this includes various racks from 2 bottles up to 6, 12 and 24 systems, for more information please see: Rosette and Racks

Source: KC Denmark A/S