11" - 300 mm Bronze

Meter Counter Wheel - Bronze - Ø11" - approx. 300 mm

Wheel with hinger and a flexible suspension. Built-in sensors for measuring the depth, when lowering the equipment to the sea. Requires the digital meter counter, 30.351 (optional)

The wheel can also be delivered without sensors.

Digital meter counter and/or speed counter. More details, click here.
Description Ordering no. 30.365
Hinger: Flexible, AISI 316 stainless steel
Meter counter wheel, diameter: Bronze. 11" - approx. 300 mm
Counting system: 2 inductive sensors
Max. load: 1000 kg. Certified test: 5000 kg.
Weight, total
Meter counter and/or speed counter 30.351/30.352 - More details, click here.

Source: KC Denmark A/S