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Frequency Regulated Electrical 7.5 Kwatt

General: The winch site plate is made of 10 mm AISI 316 stainless steel plate and electro polished.
The winch is mounted on an AISI 316 stainless steel frame of rectangular tube with dimensions: 100 x 50 x 5 mm.

Power supply:
3 x 400 Volt AC 7,5 Kwatt

Drum and disc brake:
The drum and the disc brake are made of 8 mm AISI 316 stainless steel plate and electro polished. The capacity on the drum is 1200 - 1400 meter Ø6.5 mm single conductor cable or ordinary wire. In the front of the winch is placed an automatic cable guide system.
The outer diameter of the drum is Ø500 mm and the internal diameter is Ø350 mm. A disc brake system is mounted at the side of the drum. Angle-gear: At one side is mounted a Bonfiligioni angle-gear type A 503 with a ratio 24:1.

Speed regulation:
The speed is regulated by a frequency converter, (3 x 400 Volt AC 7.5 Kwatt), mounted in an AISI 316 stainless steel manoeuvre box. An emergency stop and joy-switch for up/down functions, and speed regulation, built-in to the box, is included.

Slip-ring device
As an option, a slip-ring device can be built-in on one side of the winch. On the outside of the slip ring device a male Subconn Connector is mounted. Inside the drum a female Subconn Connector is mounted. Please notice the slip-ring section at

The winch is delivered without cable and slip-ring device
The same winch can be delivered with a hydraulic system instead of an electrical motor.
40.200 - 7,5 Kwatt winch
40.200 - seen from the left
40.200 - seen from the right
Power supply: 3 x 400 Volt AC/16 Amp.
El-motor: 7.5 Kwatt ABB motor 3 x 400 Volt AC + ground 50 Hz, 1400 revolutions per minute, double insulated and with a shield for protection against splash and a heat-element built-in.
Angle gear: Bonfiglioli angel-gear box has a torque of 1500 Nm which corresponds to a tractive force of app. 350 Kg with a ratio 24:1
Wire speed: From 0 to 1 meter/Sec.
Drum rev: 58 rev./min.
Max load: App.: 300-350 Kg
Slip ring device: Slip ring device (2-8 pol) can be mounted. (Optional)
Weight: Without cable: App. 300 kg
Maintenance: AISI 304 stainless steel flance-ball bearings Ø35 mm type FAFYJ. (To be greased every month)