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2,2 KWatt Winch 1 x 230 V AC

30.065 - Winch_1_No_txt_F_1000_1000_1.jpg

Winch, portable, for small boats and research vessels. Suitable for max. 110 kg load incl. wire.

Ø2 mm: 2000 m
Ø3 mm: 1100 m
Ø4 mm: 500 m

Power supply:
230 VAC/2200 Watts. 12 or 24 VDC via an inverter (optional)

Fully variable by a joy stick.

30.065 - Portable winch - 2200 W. Shown with deck rack (optional).
Wire guide - operated by hand. Can be disabled for manual guidance of the wire.
Support for a slip ring device, 2-8 connectors, optional.
30.353 - Counter with displays for length and speed.
General: Ordering no.
Portable winch, 2200 W. Manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel. Stainless steel meter wheel with electronic sensors. 30.065
Power supply: 230 VAC/2200 Watts. 3 x 400 or 3 x 440 V on request.
12 or 24 VDC via an inverter (optional)
Emergency brakes: 2 pcs. located at the winch + the control box.
Material: AISI 316 stainless steel
Drum: Inner diameter: 204 mm
Outer diameter: 320 mm
Width: 310 mm.
Drum speed: 70 rev/min
Drum capacity: 2000 m of 2 mm wire or 1100 m of 3 mm wire.
Wire speed: 42 m/min. (approx.)
Angle worm gear, self locking: Bonfiglioli type A202, ratio 21,2:1
Brake system: Disc brake made of AISI 316 stainless steel,
Turning radius: 1,35 m approx.
Weight, standard: 180 kg exclusive wire.