Epibenthic sledge, 92 x 29 cm

19.770 - Epibenthic sledge, 2668 cm²
19.770 - Epibenthic sledge

The epibenthic sledge is a rigid, high-performance system for sampling small stones, benthic and benthopelagic faunas. The sledge consists of a rectangular frame with two rails. When towed along the seabed, its weight scrapes into the benthos, collecting any organisms on the surface or in the first centimetres of sediment. The sledge can be used at any depth. During the tow, the huge fin will stabilize the sledge.

• Opening: 920 x 290 mm - 2668 cm²
• The upper part is hinged for easy access
• AISI 316 stainless steel
• Finish: Electro polish
• Dimensions (no fin): L x W x H: 246 x 140 x 64 cm
• Dimensions (incl. fin): L x W x H: 246 x 140 x 128 cm
• Weight: 270 kg incl. fin

A video camera with battery cylinder and two lights (19.680 CAM) can be attached to the frame.
Important: Using this option, the useable depth is limited to 500 m.

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Source: KC Denmark A/S