Bottom scraper

14.000 Bottom scraper with 1,5 m wooden shaft:

The frame is made of a 200 mm diameter ring manufactured from an 8 mm AISI 316 stainless steel rod. The frame is reinforced by a cutting edge.



The steel sieve can easily be replaced by means of a screwdriver. The wooden shaft has a length of 1.5 m and has been treated with an acid hardened lacquer.

The frame for the sieve is laser cut from 8 mm AISI stainless steel and is manufactured for long-term professional use.


The spare part sieve 14.001, Ø200 mm, approx. 2000 µ.

The bottom scraper has been constructed, so it's easy to switch around the sieve if needed.


14.000 - Bottom scraper with cutting edge, wooden shaft, length 1,5 m, weight 1,2 kg.

14.001 - Spare part sieve, Ø200 mm, mesh size 2000 µ


Source: KC Denmark A/S