Plant rake, acc. to Sigurd Olsen

19.000 - Plant rake, acc. to Sigurd Olsen.
19.000 - Plant rake, acc. to Sigurd Olsen:

A sturdy rake makes a useful tool for removing aquatic plants. Attaching a rope to the rake allows removal of a greater area of weeds. Raking literally tears plants from the sediment, breaking some plants off and removing some roots as well.

Tecnhical specifcations:
• Based on the Sigurd Olsen design
• Number of teeth: 12
• Length of teeth: 15 cm
• Diameter of teeth: Ø4 mm
• Max. diameter: 230 mm
• Max. height: 200 mm
• AISI 316 stainless steel
• Finish: Electro polish
• Weight: 1,1 kg

Source: KC Denmark A/S