Niskin Mini Rosette 12 bottles

60.060 - Niskin Mini Rosette 12 bottles
60.060 - Niskin Mini Rosette, 12 bottles:

Rack manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel, capacity of 12 Niskin water samplers, capacity up to 1 L.
Niskin bottles are non-metallic construction, so its interior is totally free from metal parts. End stopper closure band made of sea water resistant Para/Latex band. The standard battery and electronics come with a sleep mode functionality allowing deployment up to 12 months. For longer immersions we can provide larger batteries.


Standard delivery:
The rosette rack does not include power supply, timer, cables and Niskin bottles. The accessories must be ordered separately.

Dimensions and weight:
Model 60.000 without bottles and battery cylinder: diameter 57 cm, height 75 cm, weight 31 kg.

Source: KC Denmark A/S