Helley-Smith Sampler

Helley-Smith stor
28.425 - Helley-Smith sampler:

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) originally developed the Helley-Smith sampler, and it was designed for collecting sand, silt, gravel, or rock debris carried by streams above the seabed.

The sampler is a good choice for collecting bed load materials, which have a partial size or a density that does not allow great movement above or away from the streambed.

It makes it possible to define the rate at which dams can fill and thus improve the ecological continuity of water flows by allowing sediments to be sifted at the right times.

The chamber has a square opening of 64 cm² (8 x 8 cm).

28.425 Net bag for Helley-Smith Sampler:
As standard, the sampler comes with 100 µm nets on 3 sides, while the top section of the net is 250 µm, other combinations can be made upon request.

Technical specifications:
Ordering no: 28.425.
Net bag: Upper part 250 µm, other parts 100 µm, length 54 cm.
Sample area 64 cm².
Manufactured from 2 mm AISI 316 stainless steel and 6 mm bars for the rack itself.
L x W x H: 96 x 25 x 83 cm.
Height without pole: 13 cm.
Weight 4,2 kg.

Source: KC Denmark A/S