Sediment Sampler 1 bottle 5 L

Sediment trap 5 L
28.600 - Sediment trap, 5 L:

High volume sediment trap used to investigate the vertical flux of particles in the water column and the trap can be deployed in both oceans and inland waters. The trap comes with upper/lower bridles so more traps can be connected in series, the sediment trap station is capable of operating in full oceanographic depth.

Technical data:
• Sediment trap, 0,5 m², with honeycomb and plastic bottle, 5 L
• Steering fin
• Zinc anode protection against corrosion
• Inner diameter of cone: 80 cm (0,5 m²)
• Rack and cone is manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel
• L x W x H: 113 x 138 x 270 cm inclusive, steering fin and
upper/lower bridle for adding more traps or lead weights
• Height of the rack itself: 152 cm
• Each bridle comes with a swivel
• Weight: 91 kg

The system is delivered with a standard size collecting bottle of 5 L, however if other sizes are required they can be made, please contact us for more information.

The honeycomb is made out of acrylic plastic, which is fitted into the cone at the top part to direct the fall of the sediment, and prevents disturbance in the cone doing deployment.

Source: KC Denmark A/S