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Sediment trap 0,25 m²

28.650 - Sediment trap - 0,25 m²
28.650 - Sediment trap, gyro-hinged 0,25 m²:

A high volume sediment trap used to investigate the vertical flux of particles in the water column and the trap can be deployed in both oceans and inland waters. On a sloped seabed, the gyro-hinged design holds the funnel in vertical position, up to 45° (see pg. 3) depending on the positioning of the rack on the seabed.

The rack comes with 4 inclined, detachable legs made of square AISI 316 steel tubes, 40 x 40 x 3 mm which are held together with 4 pcs of Ø15 mm horizontal steel bars mounted beneath.

1 collecting bottle, capacity 5 L.

Maximum depth:
Full oceanographic depth.

Camera option:
For a sample depth of max. 500 m, it is possible to attach our video and light system 19.680 CAM (requires a bracket 28.650 BR for mounting).

28.650 - Sediment trap:
• Sediment trap, 0,25 m², with funnel, honeycomb and a 5 L bottle
• 2 Zinc anodes for protection against corrosion
• Funnel, inner diameter: Ø57 cm (0,25 m²)
• Funnel, height: 75 cm
• Dimensions of top, parallel sides: 85 cm
• Dimensions of top, parallel sides, no gyro: 64 cm
• Rack and funnel are manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel
• Finish: Electro polish
• Footprint: 138 x 138 cm
• Height, deployed: 153 cm
• Height, incl. the curved rack: 210 cm
• Weight: 90 kg

28.650 - Sediment trap 0,25 m².
Depending of the rack's positioning on the sloped seabed the gyro-hinged construction allows an angle up to 45° while still keeping the funnel in vertical position.
Once the deployment line slackens, the curved rack goes in horizontal position, so it doesn't disturb the sampling.
Honeycomb, size of the square holes: 25 x 25 mm approx.

28.605 - Collecting bottle:
• Volume: 5 L
• Diameter: Ø200 mm
• Height: 280 mm
• Weight: 2 kg




19.680 CAM - Camera and light:
• Camera with EIS - Electronic Image Stabilization
• Resolution: 12 MP
• 2 lights
• Max. depth: 500 m
• Mounting requires a bracket 28.650 BR
• Click here for more details.

28.605 - Collecting bottle, volume 5 L.
19.680 Cam - Camera and light option for a max. depth of 500 m.