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Limnos Water sampler 2 L.

Limnos closed
10.600 - Limnos water sampler:

The 10.600 Limnos water sampler is designed as a free-flow design for vertical operations; the sampler is constructed from AISI 316 stainless steel, POM and the sample tube is made out of acrylic. The base footprint of the sampler has an area of 210 x 190 mm, and make it easy to operate on the deck of a boat.

Internal thermometer (non-mercury) for registration of the in situ temperature. Temperature range between -10 and +60 °C.

Technical specifications:
Ordering no.: 10.600
Contents: 2 L
Weight: 4,4 kg incl. drop messenger
Footprint: 210 x 190 mm
Height: 680 mm

Drop messenger, 500 g.
Dimensions: 30 x 90 mm. Hole: Ø10 mm, made of brass, the drop messenger is included with the water sampler.

Winches and lines:
Click here for winches and lines.

10.600 - Limnos (closed)
10.600 - Limnos (opened).
Close-up of the outlet system of the water sampler.
10.001 - Drop messenger made of brass 500 g.