Haps Core

50.000 - Haps Corer:

The HAPS bottom corer is highly suitable for taking well defined, undisturbed samples from hard as well as soft sediments. This can be seen by a clear water phase above the sediment surface.

The HAPS is manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel with electro polished surface. The sample tube is made of stainless steel (standard) but it can be delivered in transparent polycarbonate as well. In order to stabilize the HAPS in sea swells, and to sample in sandy sediments, weights can be mounted. For harder sediments a vibrator (max. depth 60 m) can be added (part no. 59.000).

Standard delivery:
- Haps main frame.
- 4 pcs 50.400 10 kg weight for the bottom frame.
- 4 pcs 50.200 5 kg weight.
- 1 pc 50.600 stainlees steel tube.
- 1 pc 50.500 non-return flap.

Weight, net., standard - complete: 108 kg.
Weight, net., standard - complete, with all weights: 168 kg.
Shipping dimensions: L x W x H: 120 x 84 x 156 cm

Camera option:
For a max. depth of 500 m it is possible adding our camera and light option (requires bracket 50.000 - BR).

Stepless penetration:
Adding the 50.000-25 bracket (optional) to the vertical steel bar allows a stepless adjustment of the penetration depth.

50.600 - Sample Tube Stainless steel:
The 50.600 sample tube is made of AISI 316 stainless steel, Ø140/Ø136 mm, length 315 mm, sample volume 4,5 L, weight 3,5 kg. For very hard sediment it is recommended to use a sample tube made of stainless steel 50.600, the 50.000 haps core comes with the sample tube 50.600 as part of the complete system.

Sample area 145 cm²
Sample volume 4,5 L

50.700 - Sample Tube Polycarbonate:
The 50.700 sample tube is made of shock-proof polycarbonate, Ø133/Ø127 mm, length 315 mm, sample volume 4,0 L, weight 0,7 kg. If you need to check the visibility of the sample before emptying the corer tube, you must use a polycarbonate sample tube 50.700.

Sample area 127 cm²
Sample volume 4,0 L

50.500 Non-return flap:
The 50.500 non-return flap is made of AISI 316 stainless steel, with rubber seal, The non-return flap is used as the top lid of the sample; during deployment it will secure the vacuum inside the sample, preserving the sample as the haps corer is extracted from the seabed floor.

Quick release of the sample tube:
Close up of the 50.000 Haps corer release knob system, made for quick change of the sample tubes. Once the knob is pulled back, you can take out the sample tube, and upon release the spring system on the knob will move back, securing the sample tube from falling out during deployment.


50.400 - 10 kg lead weight:
Lead weight, 10 kg for Haps corer 50.000, 540 x 40 x 40 mm. For mounting on the bottom of the main frame. Using threaded spacers, a maximum of 8 can be mounted on the haps (standard delivery comes with 4 pcs).

50.200 - 5 kg lead weight:
Lead weight, 5 kg for Haps corer 50.000, Ø140 x 30 mm for mounting on the centre frame. A maximum of 10 weights can be mounted on the haps (standard delivery comes with 4 pcs).


59.000 Vibrator for Haps:
The 59.000 vibrator unit is used for the 50.000 HAPS model for taking samples in very hard sediment, the vibrator unit is mounted on the top of the HAPS, and by vibration, it's able to help the core penetrating into the sediment, that a normal haps core with fully mounted weights on it can not. The maximum opration depth for the 59.000 Vibrator model is 60 m.

For more information and an in-situ video, please see: Vibrator for haps

Source: KC Denmark A/S