Water sampler for bottles - combi system

24.020 - Water sampler
24.020 - Water sampler for glass or plastic bottles - combi system:

The water sampler is a versatile telescopic sampling system with exchangeable sample container holders. This is an ideal tool for safely sampling in open water such as pools, sewers, streams and reservoirs. The tools are attached to the sampler pole by an easy to use snap-in joint.

Combi system:
The telescopic handle supports a variety of exchangeable accessories, such as:
19.160 - Plant rake
24.010 - Water sampler for acrylic beakers

19.170/19.171 - Telescopic handle:
The telescopic handle is optimally suited for convenient work to 5 m depth. Thanks to the snap closure the handle can be effortlessly extended in 26-cm steps from 160 cm to 290 cm length (model 19.170) or 210 to 390 cm for model 19.171. This allows pleasant work adjusted to the work situation and body height. The handle is made of light and stable aluminium. The oval shaping provides more stability and no twisting during adjusting. To avoid injuries a damper prevents unintentional retraction of the telescopic handle. The fastening screw for securing the accessories is attached in such a manner that it cannot be lost.

24.120 - Holder for bottle:
• Fits for 1 L glass or plastic bottle
• AISI 316 stainless steel

19.175 - Adapter:
• For mounting of accessories
• Support items from the old 19.150 and newer 24.000 systems
• AISI 316 stainless steel

Source: KC Denmark A/S