About us

Name:                   KC Denmark A/S
Address:                Holmbladsvej 17-19
Zip Code/City:        DK 8600 Silkeborg
Country:                Denmark
VAT number:          DK 29 61 96 62
Phone:                  +45 86 82 83 47
DUNS number:      310478453
NATO Codification: R5525

Opening hours:
Monday through Thursday: 0700 am to 0330 pm
Friday:                              0700 am to 1200 pm

Accounts Dep.        Britta Kidmose (Mrs.) account@kc-denmark.dk
CEO:                     Kenneth Christensen (Mr.) kc@kc-denmark.dk
CEO:                     Lars Christensen (Mr.) lc@kc-denmark.dk

Email, sales:
Sales manager:      Karsten Jensen (Mr.) sales@kc-denmark.dk
Sales ass.:             Bent Nohr (Mr.) sales@kc-denmark.dk
Sales ass.:             Jacob Nielsen (Mr.) sales@kc-denmark.dk

Email, workshop:
Workshop:             Nicki Kristensen (Mr.) workshop@kc-denmark.dk

Web:                     www.kc-denmark.dk
admin:                  Karsten Jensen sales@kc-denmark.dk

Bank details:
Bank:                    Sydbank
Address:                Main office: Peberlyk 4, DK 6200 Aabenraa, Denmark.
Phone:                   +45 74 37 37 37. Fax: +45 74 37 35 35.
Email:                   info@sydbank.dk
Local office:           Soendergade 25, DK 8600 Silkeborg, Denmark.
Account no.:          7046 - 0104832
Int. account no.:    IBAN DK5070460000104832
SWIFT/BIC:           SYBKDK22

KC Denmark A/S is a company with more than 35 years of experience specializing in development of various types of sampling equipment for oceanographic, environmental and pollution investigations.

KC Denmark A/S is a global supplier of equipment to universities, research institutes, municipal authorities and consulting engineers specializing in environmental and pollution affairs.

KC Denmark A/S enjoys undertaking any task involving design, development, co-development, manufacturing and testing of submarine instrumentation and equipment.

KC supplies include:

  • Biological sampling equipment
  • Box Corers
  • CTD-Winches, winches and small cranes for boats of all sizes
  • Deep sea research equipment, frame supported bottom corers,
  • Electric fishing equipment
  • Gravity corers
  • Hemispheric flow force indicators
  • Incubators
  • Landers
  • Multi Corers
  • Multi-water sampling stations
  • Peristaltic pumps
  • Piston corers
  • Plankton nets of all sizes
  • Plankton pumps
  • Pumps for micro plastic
  • Sediment Traps - autonomous
  • Van Veen and Ekmann grabs
  • and much more

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