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Autonomus Benthic Lander
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Current Meter Measurement
Manta net
Micro Plastic Particle Pump
Mini micro profilers
Plankton Nets
Plankton Pumps
Pressure stable battery cylinder
Rosette and Racks
Sediment Samplers
Sediment Trap Station
Small Multi Water Sampler
Vacuum Filtration Station
Water Sampler
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We are currently in the middle of rebuilding our website, and as a result there are still a few products that have yet to be updated, as well as missing photos and information. We do apologise in advance for the inconvenience, and strongly urge you to contact us at if there is any information you're interested in, that is yet to be shown on our site.


Product presentation 2020:
You are encouraged to download our product presentation showing all our products, latest update: September 24, 2020. Click here for viewing/download. File size 45 Mb and a content of more than 200 pages all filled up with nice photos and in situ pictures.


Safety data sheet for lead:
Some of our products use unpainted lead weights. Lead metal in massive form is not classified as hazardous to the aquatic environment, due to its low solubility and rapid removal from the water column. Lead toxicity is expected to be greater in softer waters.

When handling the lead, we do however recommend using protective gloves made of neoprene or leather.

You can download the complete safety data sheet here. For the Danish version click here.


Safety data sheet for batteries:
Battery-powered units are using Nickel Metal Hydride batteries. A safety data sheet and the guidance on air transport is available here.