Bongo net 2 x Ø30 cm

23.290 - Bongo net, 2 x 30 cm:

A bongo net consists of two plankton nets mounted next to each other. These plankton nets are ring nets with a small mesh size and a long funnel shape. Both nets are enclosed by a sample cylinder that is used for collecting plankton. The bongo net is pulled horizontally through the water column by a research vessel. Using a bongo net, a scientist can work with two different mesh widths simultaneously. Support of a V-fin depressor allows sample taking in various pre-defined depths.

•AISI 316 stainless steel
•Standard delivery includes 2 nets (mesh size 300 and 500 µm)
•The net parts are available in other mesh sizes. Mesh size in the range 100 to 500 µm is available at same cost
•2 collecting bottles with valves
•Support for V-fin depressor; requires wire 23.315
•Support for digital flow meter 23.090 and 23.091
•Finish: Electro polish
•Width: 73 cm
•Length incl. net buckets: 136 cm
•Length, net bag: 115 cm
•Weight: 5 kg

23.293 Net bag made of Nitex Monofilament Heavy Duty material.
Mesh size between 100 and 500 µm at same price.
Other mesh sizes on request.



Spacer for the net buckets made
of AISI 316 stainless steel.



Support for V-fin depressor. The Bongo net can be operated in
conjunction with a V-Fin depressor to create negative lift
of the instrument.

Both net rings have eyes for attaching a flow meter for
determination of the filtered water volume.


V-fin depressor, made of 15 mm AISI 316 stainless steel.
Weight 12,4 kg. Requires wire set 23.315.


A larger version, having rings of 2 x 60 cm is available here.

Source: KC Denmark A/S