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Digital Flow Meter

23.090 - Digital flow meter (no back-run stop):

For determining the amount of water passing through a plankton net or a pipe with a known diameter.

The flow meter is recommended for a horizontal tow of the plankton net. If lowered in a vertical position, the flow meter counts on its way down as well as when drawn back through the water column, thus causing an improper read-out. For a vertical pull you can use flow meter 23.091, which comes with the back-run stop feature.

Diameter of propeller/counter body: 70/32 mm, length 185 mm, 5-digit counter; easy installation by a two-wire point connection of the nosepiece.

The construction is based on a free flooding design, so it can be used for full (unlimited) oceanographic depth.

The flow meter read-out (max. value 99999) vs. water volume can be calculated using our spreadsheet allowing a quick and intuitive conversion regardless if the shape is circular, square or rectangular. Find the spreadsheet here.

23.090 - Digital flow meter
Mounting of the flow meter (the net bag to the right).
Flow meter Recommended for horizontal pull
Rotor Polyamide, PA 6.6 Nylon rotor
Nose cone POM Plastic
Body POM plastic
Gear shaft Stainless steel main rotor
Overall length 19,0 cm
Standard rotor diameter 7,5 cm
Other data
Depth rating Unlimited (free flooding)
Data read out Five ten-digit counter wheels reading 00000 to 99999. One count per rotor revolution
Counter 99999 counts, equal approx. 16,2 nautical miles. The counter can be reset to "0".
Mounting Universal bridle allowing two-point connection
Threshold 20 cm/sec
Range 20 cm/sec to 8,0 m/sec