Plankton net Ø50 cm

23.020 - Plankton net, diameter 50 cm_hor
23.020 - Plankton net, diameter 50 cm:

• Outer diameter. 50 cm
• Length of net: 200 cm
• Length, overall: 280 cm
• Mesh size: 50 - 500 µm, order no. 23.020 or 20-40 µm 23.020A, please specify on order
• Inclusive net bucket 23.021

The upper part of the net is made of strong Beaver nylon. Standard mounting with 3 pcs. of polyester line Ø5 mm. with bridles, length 80 cm.

The conical net bag with an upper diameter of 50 cm and a length of 200 cm is made of Monodur Nytal (Nylon) 50 to 500 µm. order no. 23.020 or 20-40 µm 23.020A.

The sample can be removed through a valve at the bottom of the sample cylinder.

Plankton nets are available in all types and sizes.

Net bucket:
• Sample cylinder made of POM and AISI 316 stainless steel
• It has 3 windows, slightly offset, so you can easily pour out the content
• The windows are covered by a net, corresponding to themesh size of the main plankton net
• The windows are protected by AISI 316 stainless steelnet at the outer side (mesh size 10 mm)
• Overall length: 285 mm
• Max. width: 116 mm
• Outer diameter of tube: 80 mm

• Solid fastenings for the lines, using bridles and ring made
• Made from AISI 316 stainless steel
• Solid hems and reinforcements

Digital flow meter:
The plankton net can be equipped with a digital flow meter (optional) for determing the amount of water passing through the plankton net. Available models 23.090 (no back-run stop) and 23.091 with back-run stop.

23.020 - 18 - Adapting various collecting units:

Source: KC Denmark A/S