Plankton pump for 6000 m depth

23.590 - Plankton pump for 6000 m depth:

Plankton pump for vertical pull; the pump itself is constructed of AISI 316 stainless steel, and has a capacity of 13500 L per hour, the plankton pump is used to pump various size of plankton for collecting and taking samples. As standard, model 23.590 plankton pump comes with a 60 µm mesh size (micro plankton), this however can be changed on request. A new net bag and a collecting bottle can be bought later on.

The system is equipped with a quick change system for the collecting bottles, which enables the user to run many samples without much delay.

• For 6000 m, depends on battery (100.217 for 4000 m, 100.226 for 6000 m)
• Made of AISI 316 stainless steel
• Power supply: 24 V DC
• Height: 1510 mm
• Width, incl. battery cylinder: 600 mm
• Diameter: Net bag: Ø201 mm, length 540 mm, filtration area 3000 cm²
• Inclusive net bag, mesh size 60 µm
• Weight, exclusive the battery cylinder: 24 kg
• Exclusive the battery cylinder, etc.

The pump can be operated in 2 ways:

• Programmable sampling: The water sampling can be programmed for various time and intervals, max. 24 times. Requires the time lapsed trigger 60.010 etc., and it is programmable for any value between 1 min. and 545 hours. The standard battery capacity supports a maximum deployment up to 12 months in total, but only valid for sequential pumping, not for continuously use. Individually settings can be set for each sample. Triggering by pressure can be offered on request. (Pressure transmitter is not included, please ask KC Denmark A/S for more information).

• Non-programmable sampling: When the pump is outside the bulwarks, ready for deployment, simply connect the power supply and the pump will start. The pump must be covered by water within short time (the pump must not be operated without water for more than 60 secs.). In this way you will pump all the way down to the desired depth; i.e. you will get samples from the entire water column.

Below please find more details about what is needed for a complete system.

Programmable sampling:
23.590 - Plankton pump
100.217 - Battery cylinder (or 100.226 for 6000 m depth)
100.235 - Battery charger
60.010 - Time lapsed trigger (USB interface)
100.230 - Cable
100.234 - Plug for switching on the timer

Non-programmable sampling:
23.590 - Plankton pump
100.217 - Battery cylinder (or 100.226 for 6000 m depth)
100.235 - Battery charger
100.230 - Cable from battery box to motor

100.234 - Starter Plug:
The starter plug is used for starting the system after it has been preprogrammed for sampling, a delay can be implanted in the program so that the pump first starts pumping after a set amount of time, another option is a trigger system done by pressure transmitter. (Pressure transmitter is not included, please ask KC Denmark A/S for more information).

100.230 - Cable from battery cylinder to motor:
The motor cable is connecting the motor system on the pump with the battery cylinder, using Subconn connectors.

100.235 - Battery charger:
The battery charger has an input of 100 - 240 V AC, and is fitted with a Subconn connector to fit the battery box.

100.217 - Battery cylinder:
The 100.217 battery cylinder (24 V DC) with a capacity of 10 Amp/h is made of AISI 316 stainless steel. The battery cylinder is pressure tested for 4000 m and has room for the 60.010 time lapsed trigger circuit board. The battery cylinder is delivered with the needed SubConn connectors (bulk heads) for a fully usable pump. Dimensions for the cylinder: length 670 mm, diameter 123/84 mm (excluding cables and battery charger). Operating the pump at 6000 m depth requires the 100.226 battery cylinder. Pumps delivered after December 2019 support both sizes of batteries. For more information see: Pressure stable battery cylinder

Customized solutions:
The 23.590 plankton pump, also has the ability to be customized to different types of CTD's, that is required during sampling, to the right is a photo showing one of those option, please keep in mind KC Denmark A/S will need all the relevant information for size/height/weight for any CTD that is to be build on to the pump. For more questions or enquires about other customized solutions please contact us.



Packaging details:
1 pallet w/wooden box, L x W x H: 80 x 60 x 156 cm, gross weight 150 kg.

Source: KC Denmark A/S