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11.340 - Peristaltic pump for laboratory use

11.340 - Peristaltic pump
11.340 - Peristaltic pump for laboratory use:

A peristaltic pump is widely used in laboratory: Cell culture media, chromatography, waster water treatment, chemical reagents, filtration process, etc.

• Power supply: 230 VAC/50 Hz, single phase
• Power consumption: 1500 W.
• Stepless adjustable speed
• Tubing: Inner/outer diameter 9,5/15,9 mm, i.e. the Tygon LMT-55
• Dimension (pump): L x W (depth) x H: 900 x 400/670 x 610 mm
• Weight (pump): 100 kg
• Dimension (control box): L x W (depth) x H: 300 x 250 x 460 mm
• Weight: Control box: 13 kg



11.340 - Peristaltic pump for laboratory use.
11.340 - Peristaltic pump - front view with open channels.
11.340 - Peristaltic pump; the five channels to the left are open.