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Sediment trap for horizontal flow

Sediment trap - horizontal flow
28.590 - Autonomous sediment trap for horizontal flow:

Autonomous sediment sampling for horizontal flow. The standard battery and electronics come with a sleep mode functionality allowing deployment up to 12 months. For longer immersions we can provide larger batteries.


  • Max. depth: 6000 m
  • Larger depth on request
  • 24 bottles, each 250 ml
  • Rack: AISI 316 stainless steel
  • The chamber is made of 3 mm acrylic plate.
  • Inner diameter of the black POM in/outlets: 16 mm
  • Length, horizontal chamber: 900 mm

Time lapsed trigger:

Programmable timer for individual release of a maximum of 24 samples.The individual delay between every sample is fully programmable.



28.590 - Sediment trap for horizontal flow.
The time lapse trigger comes with a tablet and an intuitive user interface.