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Digital Flow Meter for calibration purposes

23.095 - Flow meter
23.095 - Digital flow meter:

The unit can be used as a reference or for a calibration purpose. As standard, it comes with a non-resetable flow meter, counting the flow from the honeycomb through the tube. It is very easy swapping it with a resetable model, which will count regardless of the flow direction.

These pumps support the flow meter:
23.565 - Pump for micro plastic, portable
23.570 - Plankton pump for 150 m
23.586 - Pump for sea lice and plankton
23.590 - Plankton pump for 6000 m

The flow meter read-out (max. value 99999) vs. water volume can be calculated using our spreadsheet allowing a quick and intuitive conversion. The spreadsheet is available here.

• Back-run stop (non-resetable)
• Mechanical counter with 5 digits
• Rotor: Polyamide, PA 6.6 Nylon rotor
• Nose cone and body: POM plastic
• Gear shaft: Stainless steel main rotor
• Threshold: 20 cm/sec
• Range: 20 cm/sec to 8,0 m/sec
• Honeycomb, made of ASA, divided into 10 x 10 mm sections
• Acrylic tube with POM flange, diameter 90/84 mm
• Length of chamber: 250 mm
• Weight: 0,5 kg

23.095 - Digital flow meter with standard mounting.
23.095 - Digital flow meter with the honeycomb made of ASA.
The honeycomb can easily be removed for cleaning.
The free spreadsheet can be used for calculating the water volume in different shapes of net.