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Rectangular dredge, 40 x 20 cm

Dredge stor
19.600 - Rectangular dredge:

19.600 KC rectangular dredge is for collecting biological and/or mineralogical samples with an opening of 40 x 20 cm (L x H). A smaller version (19.580) is also available, see below.

The rectangular dredge is made of 3 mm AISI 316 stainless steel plate. The two large sides of the frame are furnished with a row of teeth and has a total of 52 pcs.

Net bag:
A nylon net bag, length 50 cm, is mounted at the end of the frame. Standard mesh size is 500 µm, but other sizes can be made on request.

Guiding arms:
Two guiding arms, made of Ø10 mm stainless steel, will protect the net bag.

19.580 Small rectangular dredge:
Is a smaller version of the 19.600 rectangular dredge, with an opening of 20 x 10 cm (L x H). The nylon net bag is mounted at the end of the frame and comes as a standard with mesh size of 500 µm, but other sizes can be made on request.
19.600 - Rectangular dredge.
19.600 - Rectangular dredge.
Picture shows the row of teeth of the 19.580 model, the larger model 19.600 has a total of 52 pcs.
19.580 - Small rectangular dredge, 10 x 20 cm opening.
Ordering No. 19.600
Weight: 8 kg
Dimensions, mouth, L x H:
40 x 20 cm
Length of net: 50 cm
Overall dimensions, L x H x W: 105 x 25 x 43 cm
Spare part net bag, 500 µ: 19.601