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Niskin Water Sampler 1.7 to 12 L

Niskin forside series - Niskin Water Sampler:

The water sampler is fully made of PVC and its interior is totally free from metal parts. Top- and bottom plates are held together with a sea water resistant rubber string, and a drop messenger releases the closing mechanism. Because of the open construction during the deployment, the Niskin bottle can be used at any depth.

The KC water sampler can be used singly (by use of 1 pc 60.002 Centre hanger for single ocean water sampler) or in series and closes correspondingly. The Niskin water bottles are also available in a special version, ( series) which can only be used with our Rosette and Racks system. The series comes without drop messenger and two M10 bolts. Adding these items convert the bottle to series.

Drop messengers:
Standard delivery for Niskin water bottles (series comes with a 400 g drop messenger. If you want to use a centre hanger you must use an 800 g drop messenger, model 60.004.

Winches and lines:
Click here for small hand winches and lines. For small winches with larger capacity click here.

60.100 - Niskin water sampler 1,7 L (free flow).
60.200 - Niskin water sampler 2,5 L (free flow).
60.300 - Niskin water sampler 5,0 L.
60.250 - Niskin water sampler 5,0 L (free flow).
60.400 - Niskin water sampler 7,5 L.
60.500 - Niskin water sampler 10 L.
60.600 - Niskin water sampler 12 L.

60.002 - Centre Hanger:
KC Centre hanger is used for deploying Niskin bottles for single use on a wire (Ø6 mm), our standard bottles ranging from 1,7 liters to 12 liters ( series) all able to be used on the centre hanger, to release the Niskin bottle an 800 g drop messenger is used.

For more information click: Centre Hanger

KC Denmark also manufactures a large range of rack's as well as rosette stations for Niskin water samplers, this includes various racks from 2 bottles up to 6, 12 and 24 systems, for more information please see: Rosette and Racks

60.002 - Centre hanger, shown with 1,7 L Niskin water sampler.