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Freeze Dryer

Freeze Dryer - high capacity
Freeze Dryer:

With a useable length of 6 m and an inner diameter of 1,25 m it is ideal for restoration of different artifacts. Maximum freezing temperature of - 55° is suitable for most projects.

As standard, the freeze dryer comes with 3 waggons each having 3 shelves. Three detachable racks allow a simultaneously extraction of the waggons for examonations of the process (requires at least 15 m of free space). For smaller projects, the waggons/racks can be used separately.





Closing the freeze dryer:
The end lid is fully detachable and it is fixed on a waggon during the mounting.




Freeze Dryer, length 6 m - high capacity.
Control unit for the freeze dryer.
Waggons for the freeze dryer.
The end lid for the freeze dryer

Freeze Dried Boat:
The freeze dryer was used for restoration of the Norwegian BC6 boat, which is dated back in 1595.

The boat is exhibited at DNB's headquarters in Oslo and can be seen from the sidewalk. You may have a closer look on a very interesting animation and photos here.

Photo by Pål Thome, copyright Norsk Maritimt Museum (Norwegian Maritime Museum).

Freeze Dried Boat – In Situ.