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200.310 - Electrofishing - 2 electrodes

200.300 - Electrofishing unit with 2 electrodes
200.310 - Electrofishing with 2 electrodes:

Electrofishing is a common scientific survey method used to sample fish populations to determine abundance, density, and species composition. When performed correctly, electrofishing results in no permanent harm to fish, which return to their natural state in as little as two minutes after being stunned.

Local or national regulative may demand instruction and a certificate before using this equipment.

Technical specifications:
• Power supply: 1 x 230 VAC
• Recommended for a generator with a max. power of 5 kW
• Output: 310 VDC, idle, maximum 5000 W
• Bridge rectifier: 600 V/35 A
• Capacitor: 3000 µF
• Density: IP65
• Double insulated for highest security
• Dead-man switch
• Emergency stop
• CE approved
• CEE connector
• The electrodes are sold separately
• Dimensions: L x W x H: 360 x 340 x 250 mm
• Weight: 12 kg


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200.310 - Electrofishing unit with 2 electrodes.
Revolver grip with dead-man switch.
Straight handle with dead-man switch.
200.301 A - Electrode with Ø400 mm ring, support for larger rings.
200.302 - Negative electrode.
200.306 - Negative electrode.