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Small multi water sampler 36 x 500 ml

100.250 - Multi water sampler, 36 x 500 ml:

The sampler has reverse functionality; i.e. one or more syringes is useable in reversed order for injection of preservation liquid or different tracers (e.g. labelled Carbon and Nitrogen) or similar into the benthic chamber, either on start of the sampling or later on during the process.

• Room for 36 pcs of 500 ml syringes
• Power supply: 24 V DC
• Time lapsed trigger
• The individual delay between every sample is fully programmable
• Max. depth: 6000 m with battery 100.226 or 4000 m with 100.217
• Interface: USB
• Diameter: 132 cm
• Height: 116 cm
• Weight: 275 kg

100.250 - Multi water sampler, 36 x 500 ml.
The release mechanism.
Close up of the syringes.

100.255 - Syringe:

• Contents: 500 ml
• Acryllic and AISI 316 stainless steel
• Luer lock

100.255 - Syringe. Contents: 500 ml, made of acryllic and AISI 316 stainless steel. Luer lock.