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Pressure stable battery cylinder for 6000 meters

Battery box1
Battery cylinder for 4000 and 6000 m:

Battery cylinder 100.217 rated for 4000 m depth. For a depth of 6000 m please order 100.226 instead. Both cylinders have room for the programmable timer 60.010 (USB or RS-485 interface) and pressure transmitter (optional) which can be used for Niskin rosette racks, sediment trap stations, plankton pumps, small multi water sampler station and lander systems. Other models for shallow water, 200 - 500 m, can be found here.

As a standard unit the battery cylinder is equipped with 3 pcs Subconn connectors (see photo to the right)
A. USB or RS-485 plug in
B. Motor cable plug in
C. Starter/charger plug in

Measurements (100.217 - 4000 m):
• Length, (inclusive Subconn): 670 mm
• Diameter, outer: 123 mm
• Diameter, inner: 84 mm
• Weight, incl. batteries: 31 kg

Measurements (100.226 - 6000 m):
• Length, (inclusive Subconn): 690 mm
• Diameter, outer: 139 mm
• Diameter, inner: 90 mm
• Weight, incl. batteries: 55 kg

Technical Data:
• 24 Volt DC/10 Amp/h
• Pressure cylinder made of AISI 316 stainless steel
• Subcon connectors made of AISI 316 stainless steel

The 100.217 battery cylinder unit is delivered without the 60.010 USB time lapsed trigger unit, and without the 60.015 pressure transmitter, both need to be bought separately; for the 60.015 pressure transmitter to work you will need the 60.010 time lapsed trigger PCB installed as well. The pressure transmitter can be bought as 2 different options rated for 1000 m and for 6000 m.
100.217 - Battery cylinder 24 Volt DC/10 Amp/h. (Main lid with Subconn connectors).
100.217 - Battery cylinder 24 Volt DC/10 Amp/h. (Secondary lid with pressure transmitter, optional).
100.217 - Cylinder seen from the top with Subconn connectors.
Brackets fitting individual needs can be made on request, both fitting pressure cylinder but also various CTD’s, contact us for more information.

Listed below is an example of a possible setup for a full working battery cylinder including cables, starting plug etc. (pictures of each part can be seen on the right side)

100.217 - Battery cylinder 24 Volt DC/10 amp/h
60.010-USB - Time lapsed trigger PCB (or RS-485)
100.230 - Cable from battery box to motor
100.234 - Starter plug for the system
100.235 - Battery charger unit
100.236 - USB cable for computer to battery cylinder

This is a possible listing of all parts needed for a working system, small variations can be made after which use the battery cylinder is needed for, please contact KC Denmark A/S and ask for assistance for the best working system setup for your needs.

Custom made design:
On request, KC Denmark A/S is able to manufacture a custom designed pressure cylinder, fitting individual client's specific needs, please contact us at with your enquiries and our technicians will be able to assist you with the right configuration of your pressure cylinder.

On request, cylinders rated for 12000 m can also be manufactured.

100.234 - Starter plug for time lapsed trigger.
100.230 - Cable from battery cylinder to motor.
100.235 - Battery charger.
100.236 - USB cable for computer.