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Ruttner Water Sampler 1 L

Ruttner stor
11.001 - Ruttner water sampler 1,0 L:

The KC water sampler is based on the Ruttner design and it is suitable for taking samples in lakes, water borings, wells, etc. For larger Ruttner with capacity up to 5 L, click here.

Internal thermometer (non-mercury) for registration of the in-situ temperature. Temperature range between -10 and +60 °C.

Winches and lines:
Click here for winches and lines.

11.001 - Ruttner water sampler 1 L.
Top part of the Ruttner water sampler.
Bottom part of the Ruttner water sampler.

Technical specifications:
• Volume: 1,0 L
• Cylinder tube, acrylic, O.D./I.D: 8,5/8,0 cm
• Length of tube: 26 cm
• Total height: 56 cm
• Internal thermometer, (non-mercury). Range: -10 °C to +60 °C
• Drop messenger, brass: 200 g (11.003)
• Recommended line: Max. Ø2 or Ø3 mm
•  Weight: 1,35 kg

10.003 - Drop messenger 200 g for Ruttner water sampler.