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Counter system for winches


By lowering the equipment into the sea you can measure the depth. A maximum read-out of 99.999,9 m allows you to enter full oceanographic depth. Resolution 0,1 m.

The counters can be equipped with an interface for RS-232, RS-485 or USB, so the read-out and reset function can be used from a PC or a PLC. Communication via a standard ModBus with a protocol simulator. Currently we do not offer any software for this purpose.

Additional 6-digit display showing wire speed.

Meter counter wheels:
A wide range of meter counter wheels ensure the right option for your specific needs and loads; for more details click here.

The counter comes with a solid cast aluminium housing; enclosure rating IP 65 density to meet the rough conditions at any environment. All switches: IP 67. A built-in heating element prevents condensate water to damage the electronic circuit. The LCD display has large digits and built-in light, ensuring an easy operation during all conditions.

Power supply:
The counter will operate on AC as well as DC power supplies. The voltage range is between 10 - 24 VAC/DC. No need for a stabilized voltage as the counter has a built-in power supply. Standard delivery does not include external power supply. The counter can be delivered with a larger housing with room for rechargeable batteries. Price upon request.

Length and speed of wire:
Model 30.353 with 2 displays shows simultaneously values for length as well as speed of the wire.

Slave display:
It is possible adding one or more slave displays for simultaneously use on deck and in the wheelhouse as well. Linking the counters requires a 5-conductor cable; to avoid accidental resetting we recommend, that on/off and reset function are available on one counter only.

30.351 - Counter for measuring length.
30.352 - Counter for measuring speed.
30.353 - Counter for measuring length and speed.
Support for one or more slave displays.
Description: Order no.
Digital meter counter: 30.351
LCD Display: 6 digits
Height of display: 25 mm
Night visibility: Yes
Measuring range: 99.999,9 m
Resolution: 10 cm
Built-in heating element to prevent condensate water in the counter box: Yes
Enclosure rating: IP 65
Switches, enclosure rating: IP 67
Housing: Aluminium
Cable, power supply, standard delivery: 2 m
Cable for counter meter wheel, standard delivery: 2 m
Display shows the direction of wire: Yes
Additional display showing speed of wire: Optional
Interface for RS-232, RS-485 or USB: Optional
Power supply:
Supply voltage:

Standard delivery does not include power supply:

10 - 24 Volt AC or DC
Power consumption: Approx. 4 W
Internal power supply for 110-230 VAC. For model 30.351, 30,352 and 30,353. Other voltages can be delivered upon request: 30.351 PS
Weight of standard counter (single display): 4 kg
Additional 6-digit display showing wire speed. Resolution 0,10 m/sec. Requires meter counter 30.351. Mounted in a larger aluminium box, IP67: 30.352
Interface (optional):
Interface for RS-232, max. length of cable: 5 m. Inclusive 1 Subconn connector (MCOM5M + MCOMB + 1 pc D-Sub 9 pin connector. 1 pc MCBH5F mounted on box: 30.351 RS-232
Interface for RS-485, max. length of cable: 1000 m approx. Inclusive 1 Subconn connector (MCOM5M + MCOMB but no connector at end of cable. 1 pc MCBH5F mounted on box: 30.351 RS-485
Interface for USB 1,1/2,0, max. length of cable: 4 m. Inclusive 1 Subconn connector (MCOM5M + MCOMB + 1 pc USB (A) connector. 1 pc MCBH5F mounted on box: 30.351 USB