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Formalin washout - 1 container

21.085 - Formalin washout - 1 container.
21.085 - Formalin washout:

Wash out of formalin.

A stainless steel rack holds a cylindrical container with filters, having a capacity of 2,5 L approx. The container has a separate tap and can be detached separately. On the side, above the handle, you will find two rectangular holes covered by a 500 μm net made of steel. The handle on the container ensures easy and safe handling. The cylinder has a clamp fixture on top, and the detachable lid has a welded, laser cut plate with a steel net, mesh size 500 μm (other mesh sizes on request). The bottom of the cylindrical container has a 3 mm plate with holes, Ø4 mm, covered by a 500 μm net. The container interlinks via a tube rack and it has a pipe stub for water supply.

Technical specifications:

  • 1 cylindrical container, which can be detached separately
  • Capacity of the cylinder, approx. 2,5 L
  • Mesh size 500 μm (other mesh sizes on request)
  • The mounting for the container has a separate tap
  • Manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Finish: Electro polish
  • L x W (footprint): 20 x 20 cm
  • Height: 46 cm
  • Weight: 4,60 kg
The unit has a stub at the left side which allows connecting one or more units in series.
21.085 - Formalin washout - 1 container.
21.106 - Container, 2 L.
21.103 - Lid for container.
21.104 - Solid clamp fixture for the lid.
Detail for valve and water inlet.
Stud for extension with more units.