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1D Profiler System

1D Profiler System
1D profiler for shallow water microprofiling studies.

1D profiler system for shallow water microprofiling studies. The Mini Profiler MP8 is a portable 8-channel system for shallow water field measurements of microprofiles of for example O2, pH, H2S, N2O, H2, redox and resistivity. The profiler can be submerged to a depth of 300 m and runs completely autonomously.

Having many years of experience in adapting sensors and electronics for rough conditions and a strong collaboration within submarine instrumentation with Unisense, we offer a high quality solution for micro profiling and incubation studies in the deep sea. A complete configuration with sensors, software etc., is to be ordered directly from

The profiler can be adapted to a deep sea profiler rated to 6000 m depth to be handled by an ROV. If you need an autonomous deep version, please visit our DeepSea Profiler. Furthermore, the number of channels can be increased to 8, battery time can extended, and the motor system can be upgraded from the standard 1D profiling to a 2D profiling system. The Field DataLogger platform allows for communication and synchronization of data from multiple external devices including optodes, CTD's, ligth sensor and more. Combined with the wide selection of sensors and electrodes from Unisense you can build a system for your specific research needs or adapt the system as your research evolves.

1D System for shallow water microprofiling studies.
1D proflier seen from the rear.
Motor with pressure compensation.
Holder for 8 probes.

• Rack made from AISI 316 stainless steel
• Programmable movement in vertical direction
• Resolution: 0,05 mm (0,025 mm on request)
• 1 motor having a separate unit for pressure balancing
• Completely automated profiling measurements of up to 4 analytes
• Shallow water deployment down to 300 m depth
• Unisense In Situ Amplifier and Connector System for easy handling
• Powerful Unisense Field DataLogger
• System programming via easy and intuitive PC software interface
• Robust and accurate motor system for 1D profiling
• Workshop and training at Unisense
• Dimensions, footprint: L x W x H: 135 x 135  x 135 cm
• Height: 105 cm


In-situ photos from Geneva Lake:
Copyright to EPFL, Physics of Aquatic Systems Laboratory (APHYS).

The 1D profiler has a very compact design.
Even small boats can be used for deploying the profiler.