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2.2 KWatt Winch 1 x 230 V AC

32.600 - Winch - 2,2 kW:

Small CTD Winch:

2,2 kW - 3 HP

Power Supply:
230 V AC/2,2 kW

Drum capacity:
1000 m of Ø3,2 mm single conductor cable or Ø3 mm ordinary wire. By using a wider drum (optional, price on request), the winch will handle up to 2000 m of Ø3 mm wire.

32.600 - CTD winch.

A - Mechanical hand brake (for emergency)
B - Slip ring device (optional)
C - Emergency stop. The winch has a total of 3
D - 4 brackets for lifting the winch
E - Automatic wire guide
F -
G - Reinforced edge
H - Solid fastenings brackets (4 pcs)
I - 3 guiding rolls for the wire
J - Drum
K - Rack for spindle motor and electronics
L - Brake resistors
M - Motor


32.600 - CTD winch.

Frequency converter:
The rack holds the electronics and the frequency converter.

Frequency converter.

Remote control:
The direction as well as the speed of the winch is controlled by a joy stick. An emergency stop will break any operation immediately.

Remote control.

Remote control:
The control has an adjustable belt for wearing around the neck.

Standard delivery of winch (32.600) comes without the slip-ring device (optional).
Cable guide system:
The front of the winch has an automatic cable guide system driven by a spindle motor (programmable by a PC).

Disc brake and gear:
A disc brake system is mounted at the side of the drum. At one side a Bonfiglioli angle-gear type A 202 with a ratio of 29.2:1 has been mounted. A torque of 240 Nm which corresponds to a tractive force of app. 150 kg. The gear is not self-locking.
Automatic brake system:
As the gear is not self-locking; a heavy load might be able to force the drum to keep running if the user forgets to activate the disc brake by hand. By adding an optional brake system, the winch will be locked as soon as the joy stick is in neutral position. The system includes:
1 pc brake resistor, 1 kW mounted in a separate housing, enclosure rating IP 67, additional brake, stainless steel, mounted at top of motor, special frequency converter to lock the system, larger motor housing and bottom plate.
Speed regulation:
The speed is regulated by a frequency converter, (1 x 230 V AC/2,2 Kwatt) mounted in an cast aluminium manoeuvre box, enclosure rating IP 65. An emergency stop and joystick, for up/down functions and speed regulation, built-in to the control box, is included.
Arctic use:
As option, the winch can be delivered with heating elements to ensure an error free operation down to -50 °C.
Frequency converter:
Frequency converter (3 x 230 V AC) (ABB), 2,2 Kwatt. Enclosure rating: IP 67.

Slip-ring device:
Transferring of real-time data, power supply for CTD, etc. can be etablished via a slip-ring device, (optional), mounted on one side of the winch. Up to 8 individual connectors. On the outside of the slip ring device a male Subconn connector is mounted. Inside the drum a female Subconn connector is mounted. For slip-ring devices, click here.

Control box:
The control-box is made of AISI 316 stainless steel with on/offf switches, indicator lamps, emergency-stop, joy-stick and 1 x 230 Volt AC Bonfiglioli angel-gear. Enclosure rating: IP 65.

Ball bearings:
AISI 304 stainless steel flange-ball bearings, 3 pcs Ø30 mm AISI 304.
(To be greased every 6 month)
Remote control
Cable guide
Slip ring device
Various accessories (optional)
Slip-ring devices: Mounting of AISI 316 stainless steel clamp unit for slip-ring device (2 to 8 poles) mounted on winch, but excl. the slip-ring device itself. Please see the slip-ring section here.
Cable guide, automatic: Automatic cable guide system mounted on the winch, incl. cable guide. By order please specify cable size.
Counter systems for length and/or speed of wire: Electronic meter counter with a large digital display showing 99.999.9 meter, night visibility. Meter wheel: Ø200 mm diameter, 100 kg load. Please see the meter counter section here. Various meter wheels can be found here.
Automatic brake system
Built-in heating elements for arctic use
Description: Ordering no.
CTD winch with adjustable speed. 230 Volt AC - 2,2 Kwatt = 3,0 HP 32.600
Power supply: 230 V AC
Power: 2,2 Kwatt = 3,0 HP. 1400 rev/min
Speed: Regulated by a frequency converter. Enclosure rating of control box: IP 65
Bottom frame AISI 316 stainless steel frame of square tube. Dim: 40 x 40 x 3 mm.
Material: AISI 316 stainless steel. Site plates: 5 mm. Drum and disc brake: 3 mm
Drum: O.D./I.D. Ø320/200 mm.

Inner diameter available in 3 standard sizes: 200/240 or 280 mm. Please specify on ordering.

Drum rev.: 0 - 50 rev./min. Adjustable
Drum capacity: 1000 m Ø3,2 mm (1/8") single conductor wire or other types. By order please specify cable size. (By using a wider drum, (optional, price on request), the winch can handle up to 2000 m of Ø3,2 mm wire. Please specify by order.
Wire speed: Max. 0,5 m/sec.
Angle-gearbox: Bonfiglioli, type A 202, ratio 29,2:1, torque of 240 Nm, tractive force 150 kg.
Brake system: Disc brake made of 3 mm AISI 316 stainless steel
Ball bearings: AISI 304 stainless steel flange ball bearings, 3 pcs Ø30 mm. To be greased every 6 month.
Weight, standard delivery, exclusive cable: 270 kg