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Flume for laboratory use

1000.200 - Flume for laboratory use.
Flume for laboratory use:

We manufacture annular-type laboratory flumes for studies on sediment dynamics, sediment interaction with biota, including seagrasses and aquatic vegetation, as well as biogeochemical processes. These salt- or fresh-water flumes, which range in scale from mini-flumes (order 0,5 m diam.) up to major-flume (2 m+ diameter) can accommodate a range of high-frequency instruments, including a custom-built acoustic Doppler velocimeter (ADV) and electromagnetic current meters (EMCM) to measure flow and turbulent properties, with built-in optical backscatter sensors, dissolved oxygen and water sampling ports to determine suspended sediment concentrations and DO. We can integrate small GoPro (or similar) cameras within the flow channel to view sedimentation event. The acrylic design also allows the use of Laser anemometry and external (video-) cameras to be installed to observe sediment transport and bedform dynamics. The larger flumes can accommodate a variety of sediment beds including vegetation.

The flume has been developed in collaboration with Partrac and for further details or quotation please contact Kevin Black

DataLogger 1 of Data Acquisition System:
(Basic OEM package). Microprocessor; power supply; 8 Hz totally synchronous sampling; sampling regimes include burst modes, delay starts, and conditional sampling. 16 Mbyte memory and communication boards in frame with iring loom. Housing with RS232 cable, operating manual and software. Windows compatible customer interface programmable.

Turbidity Sensor:
3 of turbidity sensors bulkhead mounted. Calibration pot. Interface for turbidity sensor (remote type); calibrated pcb (FTU); Subconn bulkhead connector and flylead termination.

Dissolved Oxygen:
1 of Oxygen Optode sensor fitted with MCIL8M connector for remote use c/w interface cable and mounting bracket. RS232/0-5V output.

Flow sensor:
1 of 10 MHz Nortek Vectrino 6 mm sampling volume 0,05 m from the sensor head; Velocity range ±0,03, 0,1, 0,3, 1, 2,5 or 4 m/s (software-selectable), accuracy ±0,5 % of measured value ±1 mm/s, sampling rate (output) 1-25 Hz (Std firmware), 1-200 Hz (Plus firmware). Deployment planning, instrument configuration, data retrieval and conversion software (for Windows®). Power 12-48 V DC input.

1000.200 - Flume for laboratory use.
Dissolved oxygen optode sensor.
Flow sensor (Vectrino).
Sensor and valve.
GoPro camera.

Technical specifications:

  • Annular channel: 0,3 m wide
  • Channel height: 1,2 m
  • Outer diameter: 2 m
  • Inner diameter: 1,4 m
  • Material: Commercial grade transparent cast acrylic plate (PLEXIGLAS XT 20070/29070)
  • Rack: AISI 316 stainless steel (height must be determined upon ordering)
  • Base: 8 mm casted acrylic plate, drain plug
  • Flow recirculation 8 equidistantly spaced on lid platform,
    stainless steel or plastic paddles; specially
    shaped to reduce secondary circulations; vertical adjustment
  • Motor: 230V AC/1500 W, single phase gear motor; with ABB frequency convertor; software control of paddle rotation rate
  • Paddle rotation speed 0 to 1,0 m/s.
  • Ports: Ports for 3 of OBS, 1 of DO; water sampler flush mount, syringe sampler; acrylic moulds, double sealed
  • Flow measurement: Nortek Vectrino 3D acoustic velocimeter,
    with special dog-leg probe stem
  • In situ camera: Mmount 1 of slim tubular bracket,
    3D swivel, locking nut; streamline side bars;
    multiple fixing heights
  • Maximum applied stress 2N m-²
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