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Kajak Model B

13.400 - Kajak
13.400 - Kajak sediment corer, operated by hand:

Model B:
The same characteristics as for model A. During sampling excess the water in the tube is expelled through a completely open end. An AISI 316 stainless steel mount inserts a rubber bung during withdrawal of the sediment sample.

13.400 - Open position.
13.400 - Kajak with 50 cm sample tube.
13.400 - Closed position.
Description Ordering No.
Complete sediment core sampler with:
1 pc 50 cm acrylic tube and a 4 m (2 x 2 m) shaft made of stainless steel.
Model A
Model B
(2) 2" tube thread / sharpened O.D./I.D. Ø60/52 mm L=50 cm, weight 0,5 kg
L=100 cm, weight 0,9 kg
(3) 2" tube thread / thread O.D./I.D. Ø60/52 mm L=50 cm, weight 0,5 kg
L=100 cm, weight 0,9 kg
(4) Adjustable piston rod with silicone packing L=65 cm
L=115 cm
(5) Carver, (nose piece), AISI 316 stainless steel, weight 0,2 kg 13.004
(6) Rubber bung 13.005
(7) Fraction tray for ejected sample, weight 0,4 kg 13.006
Extension shaft, stainless steel L=2 m