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Slip ring for conductor cable

KC slip ring device

Transferring of data and power to CTD probes and other equipment is handled by a slip-ring device. (A unique rotating electrical coonector). Ideal for transmitting signal and control circuits and can be used for analogue as well as for digital signals. Very small contact resistance ensures transmitting of all data and power supply without any loss. All models are equipped with gold contacts for best performance and reliability.

The house is made of AISI 316 stainless steel and electro polished. Inside the house is mounted 1 pc strong ball bearing. The house is hermetically closed by 2 pcs O-rings and seals. The slip ring device is mounted on an AISI stainless steel bracket and fastened with a POM ring.

Outside is mounted a Micro Subconn Connector MCBH-X Male and inside the drum is mounted a Subconn Connector MCBH-X Female. As an alternative it can be equipped with a MCIL -X Female. The figure "-X" indicates number of pins in the connector.

Slip ring device mounted on winch. Shown with Subconn connector (optional)
Slip ring - mechanical cmpatible with Focal.


Circuit resistance: <60 mohm
Insulation resistance at 500 VDC, 50% RH: >1000 Mohm
Dynamic resistance (noise): <15 mohm
Current: Max. 5 A each conductor
Voltage: 500 VAC - 750 VDC
Speed (bidirectional): Max. 1000 rpm.
Temperature range: -30 °C to + 85 °C
Cross talk: <40 db at 2 MHz
Enclosure rating, the slip ring itself: IP 67
Rotation systm: Ball bearing supported
Slip ring life: 30.000 hours at 50 rpm. Depending on type and cycle of use.