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Secchi disc

Secchi disc
18.000 - KC-Secchi Disc, diameter 25 or 30 cm:

The Secchi Discs are circular discs used to measure water transparency in oceans and lakes. The disc is mounted on a pole or line, and lowered slowly down into the water. The depth at which the pattern on the disk is no longer visible is taken as a measure of the transparency of the water. This measure is known as the Secchi depth and is related to water turbidity.


Lower the disc into the water using a graduated line. The depth at which the disc is no longer visible is recorded. The disc is then raised, and a recording of the depth at which the disc reappears should be made. The mean of these two recordings is considered to be the limit of visibility. Recommended line is a Ø5 mm polyester line, for both models.

Available in 2 sizes. Both Secchi discs are made of 10 mm VIKUPOR SC white PVC plates. A lead weight is mounted in the bottom.

18.000 - Secchi disc seen from the top and bottom.
18.000 Secchi disc, Ø250 mm.
18.001 Secchi disc Ø300 mm.
Description Ordering No.
Secchi disc O.D. 25 cm Weight 0.75 kg 18.000
Secchi disc O.D. 30 cm Weight 2 kg 18.001