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Rectangular lander

Rectangular lander
Study multiple paramenter fluxes by benthic chamber incubations

The Mini Chamber Lander is a lightweight unit for shallow water benthic chamber measurement of multiple parameters.
The system uses the latest microsensor and data handling technology ensuring you high quality data.

  • Completely automated in situ chamber incubations
  • Continuous deployment down to 300 m
  • Syringe water sampling and injections
  • In Situ Amplifier and Connector System for easy handling
  • Powerful Unisense Field DataLogger
  • Ready for optodes and RS-232 devices
  • Programming via an easy and intuitive PC software interface
  • Workshop and training at Unisense

The Mini Chamber Lander is designed for shallow-water chamber measurements with multiple microsensors (oxygen, H2, N2O, pH, H2S) mounted in the chamber lid. The syringes of the syringe water sampler are prepared by the user for either sampling or injection. More models of the water sampler can be found here.

Deployment is done by lowering the Mini Chamber Lander onto the seafloor. When it reaches the seafloor, the lid will close and measurements can start. Sensor measurements, stirrer activation, and syringe sampling is easy programmed via a PC software interface and data are simply exported to a PC after deployment for further analysis. Click here for a more copmpact design.

Click here for viewing a 3D visualization of the profiler.

Rectangular lander for shallow water - no buoyancy.
Multi water sampler with 12 syringes.
Benthic chamber with stirrer - top view.