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22.0 KWatt Winch 3 x 400 V AC - Free Fall.

40.245 - Winch with free fall option, 22 kW:

Winch with free fall option; allowing a high speed during deployment of piston corers, gravity corers and other sediment samplers, which all demand a high speed for a successful penetration of the sea bed. The built-in hydraulic motor switches the free fall option on and off.

Tractive force:
Ø460 mm: (Empty drum) 4500 Nm.

Variable speed:
The speed is fully adjustable and regulated by a frequency converter (22 kW), All parts are mounted in a control box with emergency stop and speed regulation, etc.

Disc brake and DC motor brake:
A disc brake, Ø600 x 8 mm, AISI 316 stainless steel, is mounted at the side of the drum. An additional DC motor brake system locks the winch as soon as the joystick is in neutral position.

Control box:
The control box is manufactured from AISI 316 with on/off switches, indicator lamps, emergency-stop, and joy-stick. Built-in heating element controlled by a thermostat to prevent condensate water and to allow arctic use to -40 °C. Enclosure rating: IP 65.

Gear box:
Bonfiglioli angle-gear. Painting: 2 primary colours, 1 RAL 7035 and 1 transparent lacquer (NATO norm).

Slip ring device:
The winch can be equipped with an optional slip ring device, (2-8 conductors). On request, we can add support for a Focal device.

Cable guide:
Automatic cable guide. Correct performance cannot be guaranteed for wire diameters <5 mm.

Arctic use:
As option, the winch gear motor can be delivered with heating elements and thermostat to ensure an error free operation down to -40 °C. Price on request.

40.245 - 22 kW winch - Free fall.
Hydraulic pump and clutch - closed position.
Hydraulic clutch - open position (free fall functionality).
Mechanical wire guide.
30.353 - Counter for length and speed (optional).

Slip ring device:

Transferring of real-time data, power supply for CTD, etc. can be etablished via a slip-ring device, (optional), mounted on one side of the winch. Up to 8 individual connectors. On the outside of the slip ring device a male Subconn connector is mounted. Inside the drum a female Subconn connector is mounted. For slip-ring devices, click here.

All our deck winches support both models of slip ring devices.
Slip ring device - standard, up to 8 conductors.
Slip ring device - mechanical compatible with Focal.