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Plankton net Ø40 cm

23.010 - Plankton net, diameter 40 cm.
23.010 - Small plankton net, diameter 40 cm:

The upper part of the net is made of strong Beaver Nylon. Standard mounting with 3 pcs. of polyester line Ø5 mm. with bridle, length 60 cm.

The conical net bag with an upper diameter of 40 cm and a length of 100 cm is made of Monodur Nytal (Nylon) 20 to 500 µm, ordering no. 23.010 or ordering no. 23.011 for a range within 5-15 µm. Plankton nets are available in all types and sizes.

The sample can be removed through a valve at the bottom of the sample cylinder.

Sample cylinders:
The plankton net supports various models of sample cylinders:

As standard, the plankton net comes with this cylinder made of chromium-plated brass with a valve and a content of 35 ml.

A filtration sample cylinder made of ASA, several windows covered by net, mesh size corresponding to the main plankton net, minimum mesh size of 20 µm. The chromium-plated brass cylinder (content of 80 ml) has a valve for emptying the cylinder.

A transparent collecting bottle with a valve and a content of 300 ml.

23.005 Adapter:
Allows using of blue and red cap glass bottles with GL45 thread.


23.006 - Carrying bag:
Small bag for plankton net and accessories.

Digital flow meter:
The plankton net can be equipped with a digital flow meter (optional) for determing the amount of water passing through the plankton net. Available models 23.090 (no back-run stop) and 23.091 with back-run stop.


23.010 - Plankton net, diameter 40 cm.
23.001 - Cylinder with valve. Content 35 ml.
23.004 - Sample cylinder made of ASA, windows covered by a stainless steel net.
23.951D - Transparent collecting bottle with valve, content 300 ml.
23.005 - Adapter for glass bottle.
23.006 - Carrying bag for net and accessories.
23.09x - Digital flow meter (optional).
Description Ordering No.
Plankton net, O.D. 40 x 100 cm, available mesh size from 20 - 500 µm 23.010
Plankton net, O.D. 40 x 100 cm, available mesh size from 5 - 15 µm 23.011
Accessories/Spate parts
Sample cylinder with valve made of brass, chromium-plated, O.D/I.D. Ø32/25 mm. Weight 350 g. Content of bucket: 35 ml. 23.001
Sample cylinder made of ASA, windows covered by net, according to the plankton net, minimum mesh size af 20 µm, AISI 316 stainless steel. Valve made of brass, chromium-plated. Content of bucket: 80 ml. 23.004
Protection carrying bag for small plankton net made of beaver nylon. Dimensions 55 x 55 cm. 23.006