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Various battery cylinders

Battery cylinder - for camera and light
Various battery cylinders and brackets:

Our product portfolio includes different designs of battery cylinders and corrrsponding brackets, some of these are adapted to an individual product. Below you will find our most common models. Our models for 4000/6000 m are listed here.

On request, we can provide customized battery cylinders/brackets.



Battery cylinder for camera and light
Battery cylinder with light and camera.

Battery cylinder:

A small cylinder for 200 m depth, used on the 100.270 rosette with glass bottles. See more details here.

AISI 316 stainless steel
Length of cylinder: 245 mm
Diameter: Ø236 mm
Weight: 12 kg

Battery cylinder for 100.270 rosette with glass bottles.

Battery cylinder:

A small version of the larger models for 4000/6000 m.

AISI 316 stainless steel
Length of cylinder: 300 mm
Diameter: Ø123 mm
Length incl. dummies: 590 mm
Height incl. mounting bracket: 165 mm
Weight: 17,10 kg

Battery cylinder, short version for 6000 m.


Some examples of brackets for securing the battery cylinder and/or cylinders with built-in electronics.



Frame with brackets:

The photo shows a frame with 2 set of brackets.

Different brackets for a battery cylinder.
Frame with brackets.