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Haps Operated by hand

50.820 - Haps corer operated by hand:

Sediment sampling in shallow lakes with a maximum depth of approx. 4 m. Taking a good sample demands half-hard sediment.

The corer head is manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel and mounted on a 4 m (2 x 2 m), O.D 28 mm stainless steel shaft with a solid assembly fitting.

It is very easy to mount the corer tube on a corer head securing with a spring-loaded mechanism.

A non-return flap is mounted beneath the corer head to ensure a good vacuum preventing the sample from exit.

During penetration the non-return flap and a shovel will be held open manually by a 5 mm polyester line.

After withdrawing the corer from the sediment, the hand held line has to be released and the non-return flap and the shovel under the corer tube will close.

Standard delivery comes exclusive core tube and sample ejection aggregate (extruder) which must be ordered separately.
50.820 - Shown in half-open position.
50.820 - Closed position.
50.820 - Haps with steel tube (to be ordered separately).
50.600 - sample tube:
The corer tube is manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel, O.D 140/ID 136 mm x 315 mm with a sample area of 145 cm² as standard.

50.700 - sample tube:
Transparent shock-proof polycarbonate OD 133/ID 127 mm x 315 mm with a sample area of 127 cm².
50.600 - Core tube. Stainless steel
50.700 - Core tube. Polycarbonate
Sample ejection (extruder) aggregate:
Sample ejection aggregate for slicing the sample into smaller parts.
Insert the sample corer on top and every time you turn the handle 1 revolution, the sample will be released 5 mm, ready for slicing.
50.800 - Sample ejection aggregate (extruder).
Description Ordering No.
Complete hand operated Haps rack exclusive corer tube and sample ejection (extruder) aggregate. 50.820
AISI 316 stainless steel corer tube, sample area 145 cm². O.D 140/ID 136 mm, length 315 mm. 50.600
Shock-proof Polycarbonate corer tube, sample area 127 cm². OD 133/ID 127 mm, length 315 mm. 50.700
Sample ejection (extruder) aggregate, weight 10 kg. 50.800
Dimensions and weights
Length: incl. corer tube 4,45 m
Weight incl. AISI 316 stainless steel corer tube: 11 kg
Weight incl. Polycarbonate tube 8,2 kg

caution.gif Do not use alcohol for cleaning acrylic parts