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Gravity Corer Ø121 mm

Gravity Corer 2
13.770 - Gravity corer - diameter 121 mm:

The 13.770 gravity corer Ø121 mm is designed for taking samples in sandy sediment featuring detachable core tube with a maximum length of 12 m, in its 12-m version we recommend it is only used for soft or muddy sediment. The 13.770 gravity corer can also be used as a piston corer if an additional extension kit (13.786) is added (optional).

Standard delivery:

-1 pc corer body with steering fins and weight platform. (With room for a maximum of 15 lead weights, each 50 kg)
-1 pc corer tube, Ø121 mm x 4 mm, AISI 316 stainless steel,
Length 2,5 m (13.771). Any length up to 6 meters can be delivered.
-2 pcs lead weights, 50 kg each (13.775).
-1 pc orange peel closing system (13.776).
-1 pc carver (13.774).
-1 pc internal PVC liner, length 2,5 m (13.777).
-Comes with 1 package of spikes 3,4 x 90 mm (13.185) for securing the carvers, etc.
-Weight: 350 kg approx.

-Max. length of core tubes: 4 (12,5) m
-Detachable core tubes with length 2,5 m each.
-Easy to extend by using coupling device's (13.773)
-Orange peel closing system (core catcher) prevents the sample from exiting (13.776)
-Carver (nose piece) for protecting the corer steel tube (13.774)
-Will also act as a piston corer by adding extra components (13.786)
-Max. weight with 15 pcs lead weight 1000 kg (approx.)

The corer is fully made of AISI 316 stainless steel. Finish: Electro polish.

The main rack has 6 steering fins and below 2 pcs lead weights, 50 kg each (standard delivery). Room for a total of 15 lead weights.

With coupling device(s) and tube(s) you can extend the core up to a maximum of 12,5 m in segments of 2,5 m each, ensuring to suit all your needs. This feature makes an easier and more compact transportation of the equipment. On request, the core tubes and liners can be supplied at any length up to 6 m.

13.770 - Gravity corer, disassembled.
13.770 - Gravity corer complete Ø121 mm.
13.770 - The top part of the gravity corer.
13.774 - Carver.
13.776 - Orange peel closing system.
13.775 - Lead weight 50 kg.
13.772 - Coupling device.
13.770 - Gravity Corer with max. weights.
Description Ordering no.
Gravity corer, manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel, complete consists of:
1 pc corer body with 6 steering fins and weight platform. Extended body for a higher number of weights, max. 15 pcs.
1 pc corer, AISI 316 stainless steel, length 2,5 m
2 pcs lead weights, 50 kg each
1 pc orange peel closing system - core catcher
1 pc carver with cutting edge (nose piece)
1 pc PVC internal liner, 2,5 m
Total weight: 350 kg. Max. weight: 1000 kg. (For a core tube of 3 m and 15 pcs of weights).
Other parts recommended
Corer tube starter, AISI 316 stainless steel, Ø121 mm x Ø110 mm x 2500 mm. 13.771
Extension steel corer tube, AISI 316 stainless steel, Ø121 mm x Ø110 mm x 2500 mm,
Coupling device for connecting 2 pcs tubes, weight 4 kg. 13.773
Carver with cutting edge, weight 4 kg. 13.774
Internal PVC liner, Ø110 x Ø106 x 2500 mm. 13.777
Internal PVC liner,  Ø110 x Ø106 x 2500 mm, partially transparent (light blue colour). 13.777
Lead weight, 50 kg each 13.775
Orange peel closing system, (core catcher), weight 1 kg. 13.776
Piston rod for ejecting the sample 13.780
Drum with ratchet 13.781
Extension for piston corer function requires:
1 pc Kullenberg releaser inclusive weight station (30 kg) and wire. 1 pc cap nut with shackle, 1 pc wire for 3 m tube (standard delivery).

Note: The wire length for Kullenberg releaser and for the internal piston must be changed accordingly to the length of the sample tube.